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Motor Generators

Motors & Generators for Your Dragline

We offer both G.E. and Westinghouse Motors and Generators

G.E. and Westinghouse Motors and Generators

Vander Parts is in the business of parting out draglines in the mining industry. We have several motors and generators and we sell them as running take-offs (sold as is). Our list is ever-changing and all our products are stored in our secure warehouse.

G.E. Items
Motors Generators 
MDV 614 Motors CDS 683 AY Generators
994 Sync. Motor 223X605 Generators
MDP 622 Motors 33 KW Generator
MD 616 Motors 26 KW Generator
82887 Motor 700HP CD324 AS Generator
5K405 Motor 125HP
Westinghouse Items
Motors Generators
HG5MG Sync. Motor 1750 HP 450 KW Generators
MC724 Motors 586 AY Generators
622 Motors 560 KW Generators
6808-SZ Motor 1000HP 1050 KW Generators
616MCV Motors 187.5HP 314 KW Generators
616MC Motors 300HP
HG5 Sync. 2250HP
MC624 Motors

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