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Who's Vander Parts and Where did they come from?

Let's go all the way back in time to 1971 when Gary was a partner in C&M Services of St. Louis,MO., with a plant in Allerton, Illinois, Marissa, Illinois, Denver, CO. And a Gear Manufacturing plant in Boonville, IN. That was sold to Bucyrus Erie in the 1990s. Vander Parts was established in 1985 in Evansville, IN. after leaving C&M Services Inc. Gary Vandergriff, took all these years of managing sales and operational management with him after 17 years. And to date 34 years at Vander Parts. Gary is available to us on a as needed basis. You would be surprised, we do use home once in a while. We service the winning industry for walking Draglines. Coal, Phosphate, and Large Quarries. All with walking draglines we manufacture and supply parts for BE, Marion, and Page. We also have and are for sale Parts in very good condition at reduced prices.

Manufactured Parts

We have the ability to manufacturer and customize any part or product you need at a affordable price.

Parts New/Old

We make it available for custom parts but then we also give you the ability to select from any of our New or Used Parts in our vast inventory of products from our partners.

Meet The Team

Steve Vandergriff

Office: 812-422-6033
Cell: 812-449-7479

Steven Vandergriff Jr.

Outside Sales Manager
Office: 812-422-6033
Cell: 812-454-8116

Gary Vandergriff


Eric Vinson

Office: 812-422-6033